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Elections Held in Jowhar

JOWHAR SD)-Today in Jowhar, the capital of Middle Shabelle region, has concluded the elections for two seats in the House of the People in the Parliament of Jowhar, which will be part of the 11th Parliament of the country.

Abdirahman Mohamed Sheikh and Mohamud Ali Barise contested for the first seat in today’s election in Jowhar, Hop #70. Abdirahman Mohamed Sheikh won the seat with 71 votes, while his opponent Mohamud Ali Barise received 14 votes.13 votes were discarded, with a total of 98 delegates voting today.

The second seat in today’s election in Jowhar, HOP #115, was won by Ali Mohamed Omar, after his rival Mulki Abdullahi Islaw forfeited. Ali Mohamed Omar won by a show of hands with 86 votes. One voter remained silent, bringing the total number of delegates voting to 87.

The elections for the seats which took place in Jowhar today, were part of pre-arranged seats in Jowhar. The elections and seats in Jowhar are expected to be finalized soon.

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