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HirShabelle Vice President Explains Ali Gudlawe’s Visit to Beledweyne

BELEDWEYNE (SD) -The vice president of HirShabelle administration Yusuf Ahmed Hagar Dabaged, in an interview with BBC radio shared the specifics about the purpose of President Ali Gudlawe’s visit to Beledweyne, the regional capital of Hiiraan.

Yusuf Dabaged denied the allegations that the president of HirShabelle administration Ali Gudlawe imposed his visit on Beledweyne, after a year of obstruction.

“No force was used to bring the President of HirShabelle to Baledweyne, he arrived peacefully and came to visit his people, as Beledweyne is the second capital of HirShabelle. The President came to resolve concerns about HirShabelle region, and the length of his visit is not determined. He is the president of the region, “said Yusuf Dabaged.

He also denied that Hirshabelle had scattered a large number of armed troops on the streets of Beledweyne, blocking all public transport, trade and schools.

“No troops have been deployed in the town and the roads have been normal, and the troops are in their barracks and there are no roadblocks created,” said HirShabelle Vice President Yusuf Dabaged.

Yusuf Dabaged also stated that no agreement has been reached on where the capital of HirShabelle is by the president of HirShabelle, pointing out that the capital is now Jowhar.

“No formal agreement has been reached to move the capital. For the past four years, two presidents from Hiiraan have succeeded the presidency from one another. The capital is in Jowhar now, and it can remain like that, or it can be relocated. But there is no agreement between the capital and the president to be separated,” said Yusuf Dabaged.

The statement from Yusuf Dabaged, comes at a time when HirShabelle President Ali Gudlawe was allegedly came to Beledweyne yesterday by force, after being denied access for more than a year.

Reports from the region state that all roads were closed by several Haramcad and Gorgor troops and the Hiiraan region military.

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