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Emirates denied reports of a near-miss air collision while in Somali airspace

DUBAI (SD) -Emirates Airlines has categorically denied any involvement in a near-miss collision while flying over Somali airspace.

The Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority announced two days ago that a mistake made by Mogadishu airport officials caused a near-miss incident involving two aircraft, reportedly Emirates Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines.

An Emirates Airlines spokesperson, speaking to Gulfnews, a newspaper based in the United Arab Emirates, stated that there is no truth to the reports regarding a near-miss collision with another plane.

They indicated that Emirates Airlines’ aircraft are equipped with a system to detect other aircraft in their vicinity, ensuring safety protocols are maintained.

Officials from the Somali Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) have also confirmed that there were no incidents that could have led to the reported near collision, dismissing the claims made by Somaliland and describing them as baseless accusations.

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