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Ethiopia: Federal troops enter Mekelle city

Makelle (SD) After the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s 72 hour for the Tigreans to lay weapons and surrender expired, Mekelle fell.

The Ethiopian law enforcement operation commenced with a fierce fighting in Mekelle to end Tigrean upraising.

The city fell under very huge bombardment that Tigray Leader Debresion Gabremichael confirmed the aggressive assault against his town.

United Nations Security Council general secretary Antonio Guterres said he is deeply concerned of the civilian humanitarian access and their safety.

He urged the Ethiopian Prime Minister to show mercy to the two million Tigrean population living in the city who are under continuous bombardment.

Eyewitnesses reported heavy Artillery bombardments in the city of Mekelle.

The TFPF leader Gabremichael texted Reuters, confirming what is happening in Mekelle now.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister later today confirmed that after a fierce fighting in Mekelle with full operation of National law enforcement, the city is under federal control.

As the Tigray City of Makelle falls to federal rule, civilians in the city seems to be in shock and Humanitarian organizations on the ground have very grave concerns for civilian safety and access of humanitarian support.

The communication is very poor or cut, making the situation more difficult for the city’s residents.

Abdilahi Hassan, London

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