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Ethiopia thwarts an Al Shabaab attack

Addis Ababa October 03, 2023 (SD) – -The Ethiopian government has reported that they have thwarted planned attacks by Al-Shabaab militants, who intended to infiltrate Ethiopian territory, particularly the Dolo Ado region located within the Somali regional state of Ethiopia.

According to government-controlled media, Al-Shabaab had intentions to carry out attacks aimed at infiltrating the Dolo Ado district, which borders Somalia.

Ethiopia also reported seizing various types of arms and explosives, including landmines and around 3,000 rounds of ammunition.

Furthermore, the Ethiopian government stated that the security forces have foiled Al-Shabaab’s plans and are working in coordination with the regional security agencies in the Dolo Ado district to ensure the local population’s safety.

In 2022, Al-Shabaab launched a series of attacks in border areas of the Somali Regional State. These attacks were met with resistance from both the Ethiopian Somali Regional State Liyu Police and Ethiopian military forces, resulting in days-long clashes.

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