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Ethiopia to appoint new Representative to Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – The Federal Government of Ethiopia will immediately appoint a Representative in Hargeisa, following the replacement of the former Diplomat, sources told Geeska Africa newspaper.

The delegation led by the Minister of Finance of the Federal Government of Ethiopia Ahmed Shide who recently visited Somaliland reputedly told President Muse Bihi Abdi that the Ethiopian Representative in Hargeisa will be appointed immediately.

The Ethiopian delegation also told the President of Somaliland that the status of the Ethiopian office in Hargeisa would be elevated.

The delegation led by the Ethiopian Minister of Finance Mr. Ahmed Shide arrived in Hargeisa to discuss the Ethiopia’s dam dispute with Egypt, the appointment of the new Ethiopian Representative to Hargeisa was a response to a delegation from the Egyptian government, who visited Somaliland a days prior.

The Egyptian government is reported to have requested a military base in Somaliland, and the Somaliland government was said to be considering the proposition.

The Ethiopian government removed its former ambassador to Somaliland, Ambassador Shamsuddin Ahmed Roble, in August last year. To date, the Ethiopian government does not have an ambassador in Somaliland, but the office is functioning fully.

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