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Ethiopia to implement the MoU with Somaliland by force

ADDIS ABABA (SD) -The Ethiopian government has reiterated its commitment to the implementation of the maritime agreement with Muse Bihi, at a time when there is strong opposition against the agreement.

The National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Ridwan Hussein, said that when Ethiopia was building the Nile River GERD dam, it faced similar threats and intimidation, which it did not pay attention to, and will similarly resist any objection to the maritime agreement with Somaliland.


The diplomatic tension between Ethiopia and Somalia escalated as Somaliland’s outgoing president agreed to lease 20 km of coastline to Ethiopia, in exchange for recognition.

The Somali government has expressed its objection to any encroachment on Somali territory by Ethiopia and has emphasized its commitment to defending Somalia’s borders.

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