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Ethiopian delegation meets with SSC Traditional Leaders

Garowe March 05, 2023 (SD) -The Ethiopian government has reportedly initiated talks with both Somaliland and the traditional elders of SSC regions to resolve the ongoing conflict.

Reports indicate that the delegation, which arrived in Hargeisa earlier and met with Somaliland officials, has also met with some of the SSC elders who are currently in Garoowe.

The Ethiopian officials have reportedly expressed their desire to de-escalate the situation and engage in dialogue.
Abdirisaq Mohamed Hassan Falaalug, the spokesperson for the 33-member SSC Reconciliation Committee, told local media that they welcome the efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully and hope that the talks will lead to a cessation of hostilities.

The SSC elders have emphasized to the Ethiopian delegation the importance of removing the Somaliland troops from the Las Anod area.

He expressed hope that the efforts being made will lead to a de-escalation of tensions in Las Anod and prevent further loss of life, injuries, and displacement.

While there is still much uncertainty surrounding the Ethiopian delegation’s visit to Garoowe and its impact on the conflict, it is seen as a potential opportunity to change the dynamics of the conflict if successful, dialogue can be achieved.

Previously, Somaliland has rejected any notion of removing its forces from SSC regions, but the situation may change if dialogue can lead to a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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