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Somaliland claims Puntland behind latest attack on troops

Hargeisa March 06, 2023 (SD) – Somaliland confirmed a conflict that occurred today in the outskirts of Laascaanood town, located in Sool region, which involved the Somaliland military and the SSC local militia.

A press release from the Somaliland Ministry of Interior stated, “a group of armed militants including Puntland forces, today attacked Somaliland forces stationed in Laascaanood earlier today. The attack did not result in any casualties or damage.”

The conflict between the Somaliland military and the SSC militia in the outskirts of Laascaanood has caused concern, and the international community has called for an end to the violence and a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Puntland President Said Deni, speaking at a recent event in the city of Bossaso, spoke extensively about the conflict in Laascaanood and emphasized that Puntland was not a party to the conflict and that they were concerned with civilians affected by the fighting.

He also stated that Puntland was ready to be involved in the conflict, but only if the people of SSC region agreed to it.

President Deni further expressed his disappointment at the damage and displacement caused by the fighting and called on Somaliland President Muse Bihi to take responsibility for the situation in the Sool region.

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