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EU calls for demilitarisation of Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (SD) – Remove all rival forces from Somali capital to allow the election to take place peacefully, EU told Somali government and the armed political opposition.

The tension in the capital is high as government and opposition forces mass up for an eminent clash.

Opposition forces still hold control of strategic roads in Mogadishu including the busy Maka al Mukarama road through to Debka junction which opens up to parliament and Villa Somalia.

In a twitter post, the continental bloc urged the government and its political opponents to withdraw their forces from the capital.

“Demilitarize Mogadishu is the priority now. Those that want to play a positive role towards elections should support PM Roble in his key tasks,” EU envoy to Somalia, Nicolas Berlanga. “Division of Mogadishu with militias or out-of-line-of-command security forces is not helping Somali people.”

The remarks of the envoy come a day after Somali prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble directed the army to return their barracks and allow the capital restore its peace. The PM called on Somali armed forces to avoid mixing with politics.

The past week, rival forces from the government and the opposition had clashed in Somali capital, forcing close to 100,000 people flee their homes.

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