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Somaliland: opposition parties say government confiscated voter cards

Hargeisa (SD) – Opposition parties UCID and Wadani, following a meeting yesterday, issued a statement expressing concern over the upcoming elections.

The statement from Wadani and UCID criticized Police Chief Mohamed Aden Saqadhi (Daba-gale) and other government officials, which the parties accused of not respecting the election agreement between the National parties, in particular the suppression of the Opposition Party candidates.

“Opposition candidates are being pressured and arrested, and a large number of them are now in police stations, others have been forced to withdraw from the race due to torture and intimidation that has forced them to relinquish their candidacy.” Said the opposition parties.

They also accused the Chief of Police of “constantly attacking the headquarters of the opposition parties, threatening and abusing party officials and making habitual threats and arrests of citizens living in the Republic of Somaliland, he appears to be working on the oppression of the opposition parties and has mobilized the security forces in a political manner in order to serve the government and its Kulmiye party. ”

Opposition parties have stated they also stated in their statement “The Kulmiye government used Soldiers to forcibly confiscated voting cards from citizens, and we have audio and video evidence of these incidents taking place during the distribution of ballot papers.”

The parties also said in their statement that they had been tolerant for some time “The two opposition parties, Wadani and UCID, have for some time tolerated the above-mentioned negative practices, emphasizing security and social cohesion and striving for free and fair elections. The parties will have immediate advice on the continuation of the electoral process, as there is no equality in the competition arena today and all the central government institutions are taking sides.”

Wadani and UCID called on the President of Somaliland “The two opposition parties call on the incumbent President to put an end to the abuses and misconduct of the institutions under his leadership and address the challenges that have overshadowed the country’s electoral process, which could have dire consequences and irreversible delays. ”

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