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EU Delegation in Somaliland to discuss Electoral Dispute

HARGESIA-Today a delegation of 10 ambassadors from the European Union arrived in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr. Isse Kayd Mohamud, held a press conference reporting that it is the first time such a large delegation has arrived in Somaliland.

“This is the first time a massive number of foreign ambassadors from the EU have visited us in Somaliland,” Minister Kayd said.

The Minister stated that the delegation reached Somaliland to fortify the relationship between Somaliland and the European Union.

“Such visits are an enhancement to our strategic relationships with the rest of the world. The world seems to have an interest in us, and we should take full advantage of this. 10 high ranking ambassadors from the EU arrived in Hargeisa today,” said Kayd.

According to sources with knowledge, the delegation will also be discussing the country’s electoral dispute with stakeholders, specifically with President Bihi, who is insisting on an extension.

The dispute is a major set back for Somaliland’s democratic reputation and the main pillar in its recognition drive.

According to Minister Kayd, the delegation will be meeting with the President of Somaliland in the coming hours.


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