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PM Roble convenes security meeting on Mogadishu attacks

MOGADISHU-The Prime Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, has called for an emergency meeting of the country’s security forces following multiple attacks last night in Mogadishu.

PM Roble was briefed by all the commanders of the Armed Forces on the current security state in the country, and last night’s attacks in Mogadishu.

After the briefing, PM Roble asked the security forces to take all measures to strengthen the safekeeping in the capital.

Yesterday at midnight in Mogadishu, there were explosions and direct attacks on the police stations in Kahda district and Dar Salaam area.

Al Shabaab was blamed for the brazen attacks in Mogadishu last night.

Three people were killed in the attacks in Mogadishu, while 16 others, including police and military officers, were injured in the attacks, and several buildings were destroyed.

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