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EU Delegation meets with Somaliland Ministry of Information and Media

Hargeisa (SD) – A large gathering of the Ministry of Information, Media Associations and Representatives of the European Union (EU), Finland, Sweden, UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany was held today at the Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa.

The purpose of the meeting was to work together for the development of the media and democracy in Somaliland. the Minister of Information Mr. Saleban Yusuf Ali Koore opened the meeting over the phone.

The Minister spoke in detail about the general situation of the media and the Government’s efforts to develop the knowledge and skills of journalists and the progress of the formulation of the Somaliland Media Law and Law.

The meeting was also addressed by the Director of the Ministry of Information’s Planning Department, Abdikadir Dayib Askar, who technically explained the policy creation process and related media projects.

Officials from SOLJA, WIJA and FIMO, for their part, spoke about the challenges facing the Somaliland media and their role in participating in the Somaliland Election Awareness.

The meeting ended on a positive note, with diplomats pledging their support to the media and elections in Somaliland.

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