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Ex-Somali president accuses gov’t of using forces to silence opposition

Mogadishu (SD) – Former President and opposition leader Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has accused Somali government of using armed forces to iron out its differences with opposition.

Speaking to media in Mogadishu on Friday evening, Sharif warned that the country could slid back into anarchy, due to failure to address the current impasse.

“We are deeply concern over ‘ongoing’ unsatisfied electoral process, and rather than addressing the issues, armed forces are used (by the government) to settle the issue. we warn against a return to where the country came from,” the leader said.

He called on federal government to sit down with the candidates to address concerns about the electoral committee.

The remarks of Sharif comes barely a day after the federal government reportedly deployed soldiers in areas frequented by the opposition leaders in Mogadishu.

The government did not comment on deployment of the soldiers in parts of the city where a number of presidential candidates reside.

Somalia was expected to hold its 2020/2021 elections later this year, but the process failed to proceed after two of the regional states turned down its implementation.

Puntland and Jubbaland states have rejected to appoint their representatives in federal-level electoral committee, forcing the electoral process to hung in balance.

Both states accused the federal government of deploying forces in southerly end region, Gedo, to exert pressure on Jubbaland state leader, a claim dismissed by Mogadishu government.

The federal government claimed the forces stationed in Gedo were meant to secure the border with Kenya.

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