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Explosions target Buuloburte and Jalalqasi

Buulaburte January 14, 2023 (SD) -Three suicide bombings in the towns of Buulaburte and Jalalaqsi in the Hiiraan region today caused massive devastation.

The bombings were carried out by suspected militants using vehicles loaded with explosives and targeted an administrative headquarters and the main mosque in Buulaburte and ATMIS base in Jalalaqsi.

The Buulaburte bombings resulted in 18 deaths and 14 injuries, all civilians, with some victims inside the mosque. Additionally, two other suicide bombings in Jalalaqsi resulted in the deaths of at least 8 people, most of whom were reported to be students.

The bombings in Jalalaqsi targeted a base used by both the Somali military and the ATMIS forces from Djibouti.

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