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Farmaajo calls for ceasefire in Bosaso

BOSASO (SD) – Somali President Mohamed Farmaajo has urged warring forces in Bosaso town of northeastern Somalia to end conflict amid the fighting entered its third day.

 In a statement, Farmaajo called for an immediate end to the fighting as clan elders and the business community are reportedly engaging to find an end to the fighting.

The president urged Puntland’s traditional elders to hold dialogues in a bid of ending the violence and ensure the stability of the region and the interests of the people of Puntland.

The call by follows US statement demanding urgent ceasefire.

“We urge an immediate end to hostilities in Bossaso and a return to dialogue to find a negotiated, peaceful resolution. Continued fighting will only inflict further harm on Bossaso and its people,” the US embassy in Mogadishu said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, Puntland government has reiterated its earlier stance accusing sacked Puntland Security Forces commandant Mohamed Diyano of inciting violence.

“The Puntland government in Somalia has always been committed to upholding the rule of law. The Puntland government declares that the former PSF director is inciting violence in Bossaso, indiscriminately shelling the city with PSF assets expected to hand over power,” a statement said.

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