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Farmajo congratulates Puntland in response to Deni’s accusations

Mogadishu (SD) – A statement from the Somali presidency said President Mohamed Farmajo reached out to Puntland political party leaders.

“Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, last night contacted the Chairpersons of the Puntland Political Associations and congratulated them on their encouraging results in the elections took place.” Said the President’s spokesperson.

Adding that “Farmajo commended the Puntland administration and community, the Electoral Commission and political parties for participating in the implementation of Puntland’s democratization process as a first step, and urged them to expand the experiment.”

The statement from the Somali presidency said that the leaders of the political parties thanked the president for the contact and encouragement.

The chairpersons of the political parties thanked the President of the Republic for his relationship with him and for promoting the democratic process, noting the positive implications of this for the country’s political process.

The statement from the Somali presidency is a response to Puntland President Said Deni accusations that President Farmajo didn’t value one person one vote as he did not congratulate Puntland for the elections.

“Farmajo does not want this country to hold one person one vote, if he did he would have congratulated Puntland’s election” Deni said at presser last night.

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