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Farmajo donates salary to drought relief

Mogadishu (SD) – The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has sent a message to the people of Somalia regarding the devastating drought that has hit the country, calling for immediate assistance to the Somali people affected by the drought.

The president pointed out that many parts of the country is facing severe droughts that caused casualties, instructing all government agencies to respond to the difficult situation in many regions of the country.

“At this difficult time, We are required to unite as we need to spend our wealth and strength on our brothers and sisters, who don’t have food and water, we should also increase our prayers and ask Allah for rain.” Said Farmajo.
President Farmajo donated his November and December salary to the drought relieve efforts.

“@M_Farmaajo has today forfeited his Presidential salaries for the next two months of November and December as his personal donation to the relief efforts. The funds shall be used to cater for our beloved citizens widely affected by the severe droughts across our Republic.” The presidency tweeted.

The President commended the cabinet for their efforts in addressing the drought, appealing to all civil servants and private employees to donate 20% of their salary just like the cabinet ministers.

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