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International Partners call for reliable, timely and acceptable parliamentary elections

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s international partners issued an statement expressing concern on the conduct of a reliable, timely and acceptable parliamentary elections.

“International partners urge the completion of inclusive and credible House of the People elections acceptable by all electoral stakeholders and the Somali people according to a published timetable, by 24 December 2021 and for presidential elections to be completed imminently thereafter.” Said the partners.

Also, the international partners called on the electoral committees facilitate the agreed upon rules of the elections.
“We call for full transparency in all related processes, including selection committee appointments, delegates selection, candidate registration, the reservation of seats for women candidates, to comply with the agreed 30 per cent quota, and the management of candidate fees. We further call on the electoral committees to facilitate observation of all polling station activities.”

Adding “We call for respect for the right of candidates to stand for election under conditions of genuine and fair competition.”

The international partners encouraged candidates with complaints to submit their grievances to the appropriate committees “We encourage delegates and candidates wishing to submit electoral complaints to do so through the legal mechanisms established for this purpose.”

The statement from the international partners comes at time when both Presidential Parliamentary candidates recently expressed concern over the election process.

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