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Farmajo: Muse Bihi knows that Somaliland cannot move forward

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, in a speech at the June 26th celebrations, spoke about the talks between the federal government and the Somaliland government.

Farmajo pointed out that the reconciliations between Somalia and Somaliland in Djibouti on January 14th were based on openness, acceptance, brotherhood and honesty, adding the talks were fruitful discussions.

“We are seeking unity from our brothers in Somaliland. The Horn of Africa started with economic cooperation that Somalia brought forward. My brother Muse Bihi (Somaliland president) is a Somali man, an experienced man, worked for a long time. He knows that Somaliland can’t move forward, and we cannot move on. He has the courage and he started.” Said Farmajo.

President Farmajo urged the Somali people to re-reflect the good history of the country, calling on the northern brothers (Somaliland) to lead the unity of the Somali people.

“Its a fact that the struggle didn’t end. The struggle before us, is different from our quest for independence. It is necessary to confront unity and courage, with the help of God, to ensure the future of future generations of Somalis.” Said Farmajo.

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