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Puntland deploys recently trained troops to Sool region

Qardho (SD) – Puntland regional state of Somalia has deployed recently trained troops to Sool region, where Puntland and Somaliland forces have clashed in the past.

The troops, armed with heavy artillery and machine guns, joined Puntland forces already on the frontlines.

Puntland’s move comes at a time when Somalia and Somaliland restarted talks in Djibouti just weeks ago and are slated to meet again soon.

The regional state has condemned the Somalia Somaliland talks as it doesn’t include them.

Puntland regional state vehemently opposes the federal governments handling of not only the talks, but other issues such as the elections, funds and constitutional powers.

Somaliland didn’t yet react or respond to Puntland’s move to flood the region with troops and possibly escalating tensions.

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