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Federal minister raises election process violations in Garowe

GAROWE (SD) – Somali Minister of Transportation and Civil Aviation, Duran Ahmed Farah said that the selection process for HOP 166 seat have been violated.

In a brief statement, the minister claimed the electoral rules laid out by the recent NCC meeting has not been followed to select the electoral delegates.

Without directly putting blame on Puntland state electoral Implementation Team, Duran said that delegates involved in the process were not from the community they purported to represent.

“I declare to the people of Somalia, and the community that the HOP166 seat of the House of Representatives has been administered in violation of the Indirect Election Procedures agreed upon from January 3 to 9, 2022,” Farah said.

He noted that the committee selecting the delegates and the delegates they chose to vote for the MPs were not representative of the community.

Neither Puntland authorities nor SEIT have commented on the allegations raised by the minister.

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