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Former Minister explains why talks between Somalia and Somaliland failed

Mogadishu (SD) – The former interior minister of the federal government of Somalia suspects that the failed talks between Somalia and Somaliland were exacerbated by conflicting policies in Mogadishu and Hargeisa.

Minister Abdi Mohamed Sabriye, said the last round of talks in Djibouti the parties promised to reconvene within two weeks, resolving grievances.

Somaliland wanted International to be allocated separately, Somalia’s airspace be managed jointly by both parties, and for a third security clause.

The former Minister told the BBC that the mediators, both the EU and the US, had a difficult time resolving the Somaliland asks.

There was also a demand from Somaliland that the technical committees not include members from the North, which the Somali government could not manage.

Minister Sabriye said that was the main reason that the talks between Somalia and Somaliland failed.

Remarks of the Minister who led the Somalia’s technical committee discussions with Somaliland, comes a day after the UK parliament debated Somaliland’s Independent.

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