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Federal MPs condemn Somaliland for Las Anod violence

Mogadishu Feb 20, 2023 (SD) – A group of parliamentarians from Sool region has called on the President of Somaliland to investigate and take action against the problems facing the city of Las Anod.

Members of the Somali parliament have accused the Somaliland President of ordering troops to attack Las Anod. Parliamentarian Abdullahi Roble, who is one of the lawmakers speaking on the issue, has reported that serious crimes have occurred in Las Anod, and that Muse Bihi should be held accountable.

He has also claimed that Somaliland plans to starve Las Anod by denying residents access to basic necessities. Former Somali Fisheries Minister and fellow Sool region parliamentarian, Abdullahi Bidhan, has urged the Somali government to support the SSC community and their efforts to resist Somaliland’s occupation.

He revealed that thousands of people have been displaced in Las Anod, as they defend their country’s sovereignty.”

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