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Federal Parliament passes one person one vote Legislation

Mogadishu (SD) – Members of the Federal Parliament of Somalia held a meeting at Villa Hargeisa in Mogadishu to approve an important law for the implementation of one person one vote.

The vote was: 137 in favor, 3 against and 2 MPs abstained.

The law is important for the multi-party system in the country and for overcoming the tribal system that has existed in Somalia for the past 30 years, the amendment could lead to a one person one vote elections.

The passage of the law comes as at a time when the country is currently embroiled in a debate over whether to hold a general election this year or not.

The Multi-party law allows citizens to run for office, without having to seek the approval of tribal elders, however, the current situation in the country is not conducive for people to elect their representatives.

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