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Feds criticize MoU between Bihi and Abey Ahmed

MOGADISHU (SD) -Federal Ministers and MPs of the two Houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia hailing from Awdal region today strongly opposed the recent MoU between Muse Bihi and Abey Ahmed.

The ministers and MPs first conveyed their appreciation to the people of the northern regions, especially those from Awdal, who have vehemently opposed the agreement reached between Somaliland and the Ethiopian government.

The ministers and MPs called on all Somali people, particularly those living in the northern regions, to unite in defense of their land and seas, emphasizing that no external force should be allowed to exploit Somali resources.

The meeting took place following the recent agreement between the outgoing President of Somaliland and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, in which Ethiopia is expected to gain access to Somali coast, while Somaliland receives recognition from Ethiopia as a sovereign state.

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