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Somaliland’s Defense Minster resigns, calls Ethiopia the Natural enemy of Somalis

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland’s Minister of Defense has resigned tonight from the government of President Muse Bihi, as reported by Horyaal Television based in Hargeisa.

Minister Abdiqani Mahmoud Ateye cited his opposition to the controversial MoU between President Muse Bihi and Abey Ahmed, signed in Addis Ababa on January 1st, 2024. The agreement involves Ethiopia getting territorial waters in exchange for Somaliland’s Recognition.

Minister Abdiqani Ateye, who hails from Saylac, stated that the Somali people have rejected the alliance between Muse Bihi and Ethiopia, emphasizing that the Somali territory will never be handed over to outsiders. He expressed concern about Ethiopia’s historical claims to Somali territories and pointed out that President Muse Bihi, in his opinion, has compromised the sovereignty of Somaliland. Abdiqani Ateye highlighted the need for the people to be informed about the consequences of such agreements.

He further explained that he could not be part of a government that engages in actions contradicting the interests and principles of the Somali people. Minister Abdiqani Ateye’s resignation comes at a time of heightened tension and public discontent, with protests erupting in major cities of Somaliland, including Borama, where citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the government and the recent agreement with Ethiopia.

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