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FGS-FMS leaders to ink poll agreement in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (SD) – The leaders of the federal government and the regional states are today expected to sign electoral process agreement following days long of talks in Somali capital.

The signing ceremony of the electoral agreement is set to commence in Mogadishu shortly, according to sources at the meeting.

Somali president, Somali prime minister, leaders of the regional states, lawmakers, civil society groups are attending the event at the airforce hangar located at the Aden Adde Airport compound.

Among other attendees are international community representatives.

 Former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed have been meeting with Senate speaker Abdi Hashi whom reports said has accepted to take part in the signing ceremony following an earlier fall out with the Federal Government.

Hashi had protested the allocation of only five slots in the appointment of the electoral teams for Somaliland at the regional and federal level.

According to sources privy to the points agreed upon, the leaders have agreed number of contentious issues that led the delay parliamentary and presidential elections which were to be held late last year and this year respectively.

The lower house elections are reportedly to take place in two main towns of each regional states with each member of lower house being elected by 101 electoral college delegates.

During the meeting, the leaders also reportedly agreed the disputed electoral committees to be reshuffled by Prime Minister Roble. Some members of the committee who accused of being having links with government will be replaced with new officials.

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