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Fierce Wind Storm hits Kismayo, destroying resettlement homes

KISMAYO (SD) – News from Kismayo, the capital of Lower Juba region confirmed that strong winds have destroyed homes of many recently returned families from Kenya’s refugee camps.

The storms reportedly destroyed more than 60 homes of refugees from Dadaab camp, with most of the houses buried by sand.

The storm has particularly hit the Midnimo neighborhood in the city of Kismayo, a new settlement for families returned from Dadaab in Kenya.

Kismayo Mayor Omar Abdullahi Farawayne said the strong winds damaged refugee built homes, and asked the Somali people to help their fellow countrymen.

The Mayor added most of the resettlement neighborhood was destroyed, after the storm hit the neighborhood with force.

Jubbaland administration started providing some emergency assistance to people affected by the winds.

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