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A Former Attorney General Files a lawsuit against President Farmajo at the ICC

Hargeisa (SD) – Former Somali Deputy Attorney General Mukhtar Nur Abukar says he filed a lawsuit against the Somali president at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In an interview with Goobjoog TV, The former Deputy Attorney said that a group of Somali scholars filed a lawsuit against President Mohamed Farmajo at the ICC, citing serious wrongdoing in the country during his tenure.

Among the crimes Farmajo was alleged in committing include, the attack on Abdirahman Abdishakur’s bodyguards and the case of the missing spy agent, Ikraan Tahliil, according to former Somali Deputy Attorney General Mukhtar Nur Abukar.

“One thing worth noting is that immunity will not work. Forget a crime you have committed in the past. As a member of parliament, if you commit a minor crime, you will be handcuffed right there,” Mukhtar said.

He cited the example of an MP who slapped a soldier, who then claimed immunity, as per the law he was handcuffed right there.

“A man who is instructed to uphold the constitution, holds the nation’s highest position, who was to maintain law and order, If he breaks the law, His failure cannot be summed up. ”said former Somali deputy attorney general Mukhtar Nur Abukar.

It is not the first time the president is accused of breaking the law, but it is the first time the International Criminal Court is to be leverged.

The Office of the President has not yet responded to the unprecedented allegations against the Somali president, forwarded to the ICC.

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