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Fighting erupted in different parts of Mogadishu last night

MOGADISHU (SD) – Al-Shabaab militants last night attacked a police station in Kahda district and other police stations in Elasha Biyaha and Heliwa district.

Fighting erupted at a police station in Kahda district, killing at least two people and wounding several others.

Al-Shabaab fighters managed to take control of the base for some time and burned parts of the base and then drove away two vehicles from the base.

Fighting also broke out last night at a government base in Dar es Salaam, in Mogadishu, and at the residence of Huriwa deputy district commissioner for security and politics Ahmed Nur Aderow.

Somali police later said they had repulsed an al-Shabaab attack on a police station in Kahda and Dar es Salaam.

“Terrorists attacked around 1:00 am tonight in Mogadishu, but the security forces defended the civilians against the insurgents. Details of the enemy’s attempt will be shared with the public soon.” Somali Security Minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur posted on his Facebook page.

There are no official reports of casualties but there are casualties among the fighting forces as well as civilians.

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