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Somali military court sentences a soldier to death for killing a civilian

MOGADISHU-A Somali military court has sentenced a Somali National Army soldier to death for killing a civilian and arresting him on the run.

Hassan Mohamud Dhiblawe, who murdered the late, Mohamed Awil Jama on August 17, 2019, was sentenced today by a court to death by shooting.

He fled the scene after the murder, and in September 2019 a military court issued a warrant for his arrest, and Hassan was successfully apprehended and brought to justice.

In December last year, he was handed over to Somali government security forces, who were already pursuing him, following a warrant issued for this soldier who was on the run.

Since then, Hassan has gone through all the formalities of the decision, and the court decided that he still has a chance to appeal.

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