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Fighting Erupts between Jubaland and Al-Shabaab Forces

MOGADISHU- (SD) – More news is reporting today on the heavy fighting in Afmadow district in Lower Jubba region, between Al-Shabaab and Jubaland administration forces, which resulted in several casualties.

The fighting started after Al-Shabaab fighters attacked the Jubbaland military base in Afmadow district, using various weapons which caused panic among the residents of the district.

Residents in Afmadow district said that one Jubbaland soldier was killed, and another was wounded in the fighting, although no casualties were reported from Al-Shabaab.

There is no confirmation from Al-Shabaab and Jubaland military officials on the exact number of casualties between the two sides fighting in Afmadow district in Lower Jubba region.

Al Shabaab militants are currently engaged in deadly battles with several regional administrations in Somalia.

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