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Parliamentary Candidate Attacked in Garowe

GAROWE (SD) – Reports from Garowe town, the administrative capital of Puntland state in southern Somalia, confirm that gunmen attacked a candidate competing for a seat in the federal parliament of Somalia.

MP candidate Mohamed Farah Nur (Mohamed Dheere) who is running for HOP # 192 seat was slightly injured in today’s attack.

Two of his bodyguards were also wounded in the shooting, according to eyewitnesses.

The attack on Mohamed Dheere is based on a bitter dispute over his seat in the parliament, which has reportedly been secured for him.

The Puntland State Electoral Commission (PEC) has today awarded a certificate of candidacy to Mohamed Dheere, a former member of the Puntland House of Representatives.

The HOP # 192 seat contested by Mohamed Dheere; elections are set to take place tomorrow in Garowe. The elections have further fueled tensions over the seat, as it was contested by rival parties.

The sources added that some of the traditional elders in Garowe have attended the polls in order to deescalate the situation.

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