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Fighting erupts in Las Anod today

Las Anod March 26, 2023 (SD) – A fierce battle erupted between the Somaliland army and SSC forces in Laascaanood, causing more turmoil in the city.

Somaliland officials have claimed that a group of Puntland soldiers, and local forces launched an attack on their military base and that their troops were defending against the assault. But local media outlets in Laascaanood reported that the attack was launched by Somaliland soldiers.

The conflict has resulted in significant casualties, and both sides have suffered losses. Moreover, the latest reports suggest that the fighting has spread to the outskirts of Laascaanood, with clashes reported in the vicinity of Goojacade, a military base near the city.

The conflict has caused panic and displacement among the local population, and there are reports of families fleeing the area to seek safety in nearby towns and villages.

Finally, it has been reported that a delegation of elders from Mogadishu arrived in Garowe and is expected to travel to Laascaanood to mediate between Somaliland and SSC traditional leaders. The delegation is hoping to bring an end to the fighting and prevent further escalation of the conflict.

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