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Puntland sentences 10 Al Shabaab members to death

Garoowe March 26, 2023 (SD) -The military court of the Puntland regional government has today sentenced ten individuals to death for their alleged membership in Al Shabaab and involvement in various killings and attacks against civilians and government officials in Puntland.

Among those sentenced to death by the military court are two individuals who were arrested in connection with the killing of journalist Jamal Farah Adan a prominent journalist in Puntland.

The Puntland military court has previously handed down death sentences to some of the individuals accused of similar crimes and has now sentenced all ten to death.

The military court has claimed that those sentenced to death were among the most active members of Al Shabaab responsible for many killings in Puntland, especially in the northern city of Galkacyo.

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