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Fighting erupts in Somaliland’s House of Representatives

Hargeisa (SD) – The members of the Somaliland House of Representatives have today been given the country’s Electoral Law, and were expected to debate then vote on the law.

But a majority of lawmakers rejected the bill and several members of parliament opposed the passage of the election law left the champers in protest.

Lawmaker Farah Abdallah Dheere of the House of Representatives threw a bottle of water at the Secretary of the House of Representatives for proposing the Bill.

Lawmaker Farah Abdallah Dheere argued that the MPs’ statement was not attached to the bill, At the same time, he argued that as parliamentarians, they had the right to verify the law before its passed by the legislature.

“We just wanted to read this important bill, we just wanted to check the articles we amended, this law will govern all elections, we wanted to make no mistakes.” said MP Farah Abdullah.

The secretary was not harmed, but the lawmaker was removed from the council and the bill was postponed until tomorrow.

It is noteworthy that Awdal and Sool MPs did not attend the meeting, they are strongly opposed to an election that doesn’t address the regional seat sharing issues.

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