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UK’s first Somali-born woman to become mayor has quit the Labour Party

Islington (SD) – The mayor of Islington, UK, has announced her resignation from the Labor Party after she said she could not tolerate racism.

Councilor Rakhia Ismail announced she had to “resigned from the Labour Party” at an emotional speech at the full council meeting on Thursday.

Rakhia Ismail was UK’s first Somali-born woman to become mayor prior to her abruptly quitting the Labour Party claiming “oppression” and “discriminatory behavior”.

“Over the past six years, during my time, I have felt as though my values have not been respected by the leadership establishment and members I am sorry that it has had to come to this.” The mayor said then left the Zoom meeting, never coming back.

The mayor took to her Twitter account yesterday

Rakhia Ismail was UK’s first Hijabi Mayor her departure due to racism is seen as a political and social step backward.

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