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First AMISOM soldier diagnosed with COVID-19

Mogadishu (SD) – The African Union Force (AMISOM) in Somalia has confirmed that one of its soldiers has tested positive for the Coronavirus, in what seems to be another community spread case.

The soldier became the first AMISOM soldier diagnosed with COVID-19 in the country and is said to be an Ugandan, according to sources from AMISOM.

The soldier was stationed at the busy Mogadishu port, the force is said to be tracing all og his contacts, to figure out who else may have been exposed.

AMISOM provides regular COVID-19 awareness and training, quarantine and hygiene sites for its troops to ensure the well being of the forces.

Somalia has recorded 528 COVID-19 cases in total, with 28 deaths reported and 19 others recovered, according to the latest health ministry report.

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