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First Somali National employment Forum Held in Garowe

First meeting of National Employment Forum which was attended by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministries of Labour of Federal Member States and Benadir Regional Administration was held in Garowe, capital of Puntland State of Somalia, from 14th to 17th July 2019.

The forum was attended the Federal Minister, Ministers from Federal Member States, Directors-General of Ministries, Division Directors of Ministries and Deputy Governor of Benadir Region. During the meeting, number of imperative subjects were considered with the particular focus on reinforcing continuing efforts, guiding the youth to national development agenda and job creation.

The forum decided the following decisions:

1. That job creation is the first national priority.

2. The forum genuinely appraised Youth Employment Somalia (YES) programme, which is now being completed. It was agreed to cooperatively resolve existing challenges and to applaud achievements of YES programme.

3. To broaden job creation projects by extending to all different parts of Somalia.

4. To address needs of skills gab by rebuilding technical and vocational training school which was formerly managed by the government and launching of new schools.

5. To strengthen ways to holistically administer job creation actions and to unite diverse job creation plans.

6. To encourage macro and micro enterprises and creativity of youth.

7. To genuinely invest in agriculture sector to create job opportunities.

8. That Federal Government, Federal Member States and Benadir Regional Administration will collaboratively cooperate on job creation projects.

9. The Forum thanks to Puntland State of Somalia, especially the Ministry of Labour, Youth and Sports of Puntland, for warm hospitality it has accorded to dignitaries and participants as well as its noteworthy efforts for the successful hosting of the forum.

10. Forum expresses appreciations to UN agencies who are part of Youth Employment Somalia (YES).

11. Finally, the forum candidly thanks donors for their immense role and big-hearted financial support to Youth Employment Somalia (YES).


1. Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Federal Government of Somalia, Honourable Sadik Hirsi Warfa

2. Minister of Labour, Youth and Sports of Puntland State of Somalia, H.E. Jama Farah Muse

3. Minister of Youth and Sports of Jubbaland State of Somalia, H.E. Osman Hussein Haji

4. Minister of Labour Social Affairs of Hirshabelle State of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Sheikh Ali

5. Deputy Minister of Labour and Employment of Galmudug State of Somalia, H.E. Dahir Farah Fidow

6. Deputy Minister of Labour of South West State of Somalia, H.E. Shamso Ibrahim Mohamed

7. Deputy Governor of Benadir Regional Administration for Public Works, H.E. Adan Sheikh Ali Fidow



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