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Fly Dubai to suspend flights to Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland government puts pressure on FLY Dubai to reduce arrivals in Hargeisa, the airline responded by suspending all of their flights.

FLY Dubai used to fly to Hargeisa three days a week, the government told the Airliner to reduce their number of flights to Hargeisa Airport to two days.

It is not known why the government pressured the Airliner to reduce its flights to Hargeisa, However, sources with direct knowledge say that other airlines with interest complained about FLY Dubai’s market share.

Top officials of Fly Dubai have reportedly decided to rather suspend their flights to Hargeisa altogether.

Fly Dubai, which was banned by the government for more than a year recently resumed it’s flights to Hargeisa, the return was widely welcomed by Somalilanders, who have been paying more for other flights.

The Somaliland government has not yet commented on the reported FLY Dubai decision to cancel it’s flights to Hargeisa.

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