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Four Local Council districts file lawsuit against Somaliland interior minister’s order

Hargeisa (SD) – Four Somaliland Local Council districts filed a lawsuit against Somaliland’s Minister of Interior Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, over banning Local Councils extraordinary sessions.

The four Local Council districts are represented by four different lawyers, with Sa’ad Yassin Mohamud, serving as their spokesperson, explained their objections to minister’s order.

“We have been contacted by Local Council districts in Somaliland, led by Gabiley, complaining about a letter from the Minister of Interior, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, banning their sessions. They have instructed us to file a constitutional case so that the Court can clarify whether the letter is legal or not.” Said Sa’ad Yassin Mohamud.

Adding “We will begin the process of filing a petition as soon as possible, and submit our objection to the order at the Constitutional Court, which we and the local councils find illegal. ”

The news follows as Somaliland’s interior minister has recently banned Local Councils extraordinary sessions for districts with majority opposition MP’s.

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