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Former BBC Somali Service chief calls release of Somaliland journalists

MOGADISHU (SD) – The former head of the BBC Somali Service Yusuf Garad Omar called on the Somaliland government led by President Muse Bihi to release imprisoned journalists.

Yusuf Garaad Omar posted the statement posted on his Facebook page.

“I do not like to get involved in Somaliland’s affairs because I do not followed as much lately as I have been better informed than most Somalis for almost thirty years.” said Yusuf Garad.

Adding “I can no longer keep quiet about the arrest of my professional colleague, Mohamed-Ilig. He and two other journalists have been detained since the first half of last month. As far as I know, no verdict has been handed down, which means that there has been no trial”

Yusuf Garaad Omar has called on the Somaliland government to release the illegally imprisoned journalists in Hargeisa.

“As a Somali journalist and an elder, I call for the release of journalists who have not been convicted of a serious crime. If they committed a crime, you should take them to court, even the have compassion.” said Mr. Garad.

The former BBC Somali Service journalist Yusuf Garad Omar finally painted a picture of the personalities of the journalists.

“Ask me about Journalists. He/She is poor and a social worker. It is enough to debate, reprimanded and, if at all possible, given them a warning”.

More than 15 journalists have been arrested by the Somaliland government in a single day for covering riots in Hargeisa Central Prison, three of the reporters remain in jail.

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