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Former Danab commander released from prison

Mogadishu (SD) – The Somali government has finally released Major Ismail Abdi Malik, a former commander of the Danab Special Forces, who has been charged with corruption.

Major Ismail Abdi Malik was charged with misappropriation of military weapons confiscated from Al Shabab fighters, according to the government.

A statement from the Armed Forces Court of First Instance said the prosecution had failed to provide sufficient evidence against the former commander, as a result he had been released.

Somali’s commander of the Armed forces General Odawa has suspended the Major on September 08, 2020, the commander also detained Ismail at the Somali Ministry of Defense’s military base.

During his trial, four witnesses who were Ismail’s co-workers were heard and none witnessed the theft of public property.

Lawyers for Colonel Ismail Abdi Malik described the use of force in the file as a “failure of the command” but Ismail dared to build the morale and health of the troops, and demanded that the military reward for his national service.

A military court has finally ordered the release of Major Ismail Abdi Malik, the commander of Danab, since there are no other charges against him.

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