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Mustafe Qodah resigns from the Upper House

Dubai (SD) – Mustafe Qodah a Somali Federal Upper House MP from Somaliland has announced his resignation from the Somali parliament today in Dubai.

At a ceremony in the United Arab Emirates, the MP confirmed he had ended his term in office and intends not to hold any other post in Somalia ever, making it clear to the people of Somaliland and Somalia.

The former MP alleged the Somalia doesn’t acknowledge that Somalia and Somaliland united, which he said was crucial to have any sort of reconciliation.

The resigned MP was last seen at a ceremony in Mogadishu, declaring his candidacy for Somali Federal Presidency.

The UAE ceremony was attended by the chairman of the UCID party Eng. Faysal Ali Warabe and some members of the Somaliland community in that country.

The senator’s resignation comes just days before the election, with a dispute over the election committees, especially those from the Northern regions.

Mustafe Qodah is not the first Somalilander who resigned from a Somali Government post but also repented from a grater Somalia ambition.

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