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Former President Hassan Sheikh: Cutting diplomatic ties with Kenya will not bring Somaliland back

Mogadishu ( SD) – Former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who was a guest at a question and answer session forum last night, addressed the diplomatic rift between the governments of Somalia and Kenya.

Hassan Sheikh has said that he opposes Kenya’s move towards Somaliland, But the Somali government was also wrong to cut ties with Kenya, which he said was an important neighbor of Somalia.

“We need to understand that we did not choose to be neighbors, however, today there are only two options for us and Kenya, to live in political enmity or to live together in peace, good neighborliness and co-operation, and I prefer the latter,” said Hassan Sheikh.

He added “Our economies and security are interdependent, one million Somali refugees live there, thousands of Somalis trade in every Kenyan city, So while we are living in their country like that, Kenya deserve nothing but a good relations.”

Former Somali President Hassan Sheikh addressed the issue of Somaliland independence on the Doodsan forum, detailing Somalia’s short comings on the issue.

“The issue of Somaliland is a Somali issue and its solution needs to come from us, Somalia, using our diplomatic recognition and pressuring Somaliland we will not make Somaliland return, it will push Somaliland even farther away.” said Hassan Sheikh.

Adding “If political and diplomatic power can bring two country’s back together, China would’ve brought Taiwan back, after years of diplomatic pressure, Taiwan is still there. Somaliland needs a smart political solution from Somalia, cutting diplomatic ties with Kenya will not bring Somaliland back, the Somaliland issue is between Somalia and Somaliland. We need the courage to accept their grievances and to face the Somali people in the north.

Hassan Sheikh’s statement comes at a time of political and diplomatic rift between Somalia and Kenya.

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