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US evacuates forces from Ballidoogle, Mogadishu and Kismayo

Mogadishu (SD) – US Navy aircraft carrier USS Hershel Woody Williams arrived the Somali cost in order to evacuate US forces in the Horn of Africa country.

The ship, which is carrying troops, fighter jets, helicopters and cargo planes, is responding to the needs of the evacuated U.S. military and any potential threats.

U.S. military naval fleet is to help with operation (Octave quartz) and relocating the 700 forces currently in Somalia “to other East Africa operating locations while maintaining pressure on violent extremists and supporting partner forces,” the US Africa Command said in a statement.
Adding “The arrival of the ship and its ability to fight is prove of our commitment to support our forces in the transitional period,”

Residents near Ballidoogle confirmed to local media hearing the sound of low-flying planes last night.

Outgoing US President Donald Trump has recently announced the withdrawal of US troops from Somalia.

The AFRICOM command based in Djibouti insisted in continuing its operations in Somalia.

“To be clear, the US is not withdrawing or disengaging from East Africa. We remain committed to helping our African partners build a more secure future. We also remain capable of striking Al-Shabaab at the time and place of our choosing — they should not test us,” said the Africom Commander General Stephen Townsend.

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