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Former Somali Interior Minister praises Somaliland’s security and development achievements

Mogadishu (SD) – Former Galmudug president and former Somalia interior minister Abdikarim Hussein Guled, in a press release congratulated Somalilanders on the 29th anniversary of Somaliland’s independence.

“The people of Somaliland and their government deserve to be congratulated for their achievements in peace, development, reconciliation, electoral process, social cohesion and the implementation of the political system. Everyone who has established peace and order in one of the Somali territories is worthy example and should be praised.” Said the former president.

On a Facebook post, the former Galmudug president said Somalia is not complete without Somaliland.

“As long as Somaliland is gone, there can be no perfect state, there is much at stake for the Somali government with the discussions, therefore I request that the Federal Government restart the dialogue it discontinued.” Said Mr. Guled

The former Galmudug President, was a interior federal minister in the previous Somali government, when the Somalia-Somaliland talks were in their initial stages.

“I was one of the leaders who participated in the Somalia and Somaliland talks during the previous government. I remember that our brothers in Somaliland were flexible, but unfortunately the current Somali government has little regard for Somaliland’s absence and the unity of the country.” He concluded.

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