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Former Somali PM criticises ongoing elections in Puntland

GAROWE (SD) – Former Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke has cast doubt on the transparency of the recent parliamentary elections in Garowe town of Puntland state.

Abdirashid warned the rigging of parliamentary seats would cast severe doubts on the new government’s legitimacy saying ‘The reality seems more appalling than what we feared’.

The former PM opposed the idea to hold elections inside a military camp saying such a move could have serious ramifications and cast doubt on the credibility of the poll.

“If elections are held in military barracks, what is the risk that FEIT will openly address these irregularities. Let’s take this into account for the endless problems that appear. Do we foolishly accept everything that is cooked,” said Sharmarke.

In a separate twitter post, Omar blamed the regional governments for the recruitment of delegates, which he said was a serious breach of the electoral process.

“With the threat of sanctions looming, elections may proceed now, but if regional principals are wise & committed to fair elections, they will: embrace transparency, aim at placing the ballots in neutral places such as education facilities & keep the process open to all candidates.”

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